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Add JS Unit tests to safeguard Filepage UI happy-paths [Epic]
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Since adding full-fledged Selenium tests is proving difficult (see for an example), I propose that we lean more heavily on headless JS unit tests to ensure that the basic happy-paths in the Filepage UI are functioning.

Some things that we could test (assuming we mocked the appropriate aspects of the environment):

  • When the StatementsPanel is toggled into edit mode by the user clicking a "make prominent" link, the cancel/publish widget also appears in the correct state
  • Statements: user can add, remove, promote, and demote (in terms of prominence) by clicking the appropriate links
  • Captions: user can add, remove, and expand/collapse a list of captions
  • Validation: overly long/short inputs are appropriately rejected

Testing with a mocked API endpoint will not be as good as testing against the real API but it will at least allow us to catch UI bugs and regressions (a non-trivial subset of tickets).

For some trivial features (like the LicenseDialogWidget) we can do this now. But much of this work will require the re-factoring of parts of the codebase (like the Statements code) in order to use PackageFiles & require statements (so that components can be easily isolated for testing).

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Now that the basic scaffolding is in place, this is going to become an ongoing background task. This ticket can be closed.

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