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Consider creating a puppet-compiler equivalent for mediawiki-config.git
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<James_F> Reedy: BTW – scary, or insanely scary: :-)
<Krenair> I wonder if we could do with a puppet-compiler type thing but for mediawiki-config James_F 
<James_F> Krenair: Hmm. How would that work?
<Reedy> dump $GLOBALS before and after for a specific wiki?
<Krenair> well I guess you'd put a change number in and a list of database names
<Krenair> check GLOBALS
<Krenair> run some diffs
<Krenair> that sort of thing
<Krenair> yeah like Reedy said
<James_F> Right.
<James_F> Could be interesting.
<Reedy> It'd help with some of the "will this result in the changes I expect"
<James_F> We'd have to mask out the bits of $GLOBALS we don't want public, though.
<Krenair> well it wouldn't run with the live prod secrets James_F 
<Krenair> puppet-compiler uses labs/private.git
<James_F> Right.
<Krenair> and in mediawiki-config we have private/PrivateSettings.php.example
<Krenair> which is not actually complete IIRC
<Krenair> but that would be simple enough for someone to fix if they wanted
<James_F> > echo count($GLOBALS);
<James_F> 2325
<James_F> So… we'd have 1000 wikis x 2300 globals. The diff will be pretty.
<Krenair> wouldn't always have to run it against all wikis
<James_F> If we wanted to spot that you're not breaking random other wikis, you really would, surely?
<Krenair> puppet-compiler will let you do all hosts but it will also let you do one or a list or whatever
<Krenair> well you could do all wikis
<Krenair> but at that point dealing with the diff that comes out is your problem :p
<James_F> `foreach wiki in all.dblist do  … `
<James_F> Krenair: File a quick Phab task so we don't forget?
<Krenair> yeah
<Reedy> mediawiki-compiler

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I think this and T208493 are essentially dupes of each other.

I consider this to be part of that?

I consider this to be part of that?

Yup, that's true.