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Analytics: Tutorial give-up rate
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Per yesterday meeting with @MMiller_WMF and @Trizek-WMF.

It would be really useful how much users who start going through tutorial go, if they give up at particular point etc., so @Urbanecm will have necessary information for potentional tutorial re-doing. He thinks there is a lot of space for improvement.

Every section of the tutorial is technically a new page. The landing page is, which contains a list of all next pages (ordered). Here are a few of the pages for you to verify your understanding:

  1. Wikipedie:Průvodce (landing)
  2. Wikipedie:Průvodce/Vítejte ve Wikipedii
  3. Wikipedie:Průvodce/O tomto průvodci
  4. ...

Important to know is that from there's a link to a guided tour (button labeled "Interaktivní průvodce"). It would be useful to know how much users starts it and how much users go through it fully.

FTR, the tutorial was created for participants of Students write Wikipedia course. It started to be used generally, but it was first program-specific material.

I don't know what's the easiest thing to export for @nettrom_WMF, I'll leave up to him and @MMiller_WMF to decide.

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Urbanecm created this task.Apr 12 2019, 9:46 AM
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If we don't find a time for this before the Hackathon, it can be a good project there probably.

@Urbanecm -- it occurs to me that you would probably get much of what you need just from looking at public pageview counts on each page of the tutorial. What do you think you would need that would not be in those numbers?

@MMiller_WMF In theory, those numbers will be affected by editors who are improving the tutorial. I have browsed through several pages of the tutorial, out of order. By looking at public page views data, I'll know "the best possible case". It the last page is viewed 100 times, it can be 100 newbies, but also 0 newbies and 100 editors (probably wouldn't be that bad, but that's "guessing", not "analytics" :)). The only thing I would be able to say is "not more than 100 newbies completed the tutorial". It's up to you to decide how important this is, due to lack access to private data, I can't compare pageviews with anything else :).

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@MMiller_WMF if the Growth-Team should work on this in an upcoming quarter please move to a different column, otherwise maybe someone will pick it up at the Wikimania-Hackathon-2019