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ShortUrl: code stewardship review
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ShortUrl (not to be confused with UrlShortener, the recently deployed feature) is an extension that helps create shortened URLs for wiki pages, using their base36 encoded IDs. Adds a 'Short URL' link to the Toolbox. Primarily developed for use in the Indic Language Wikipedias (while deployed on wikis like eswikibooks as well)


It doesn't have any maintainer

Yuvi originally wrote this and since he left, there's no active maintainer.

It writes on master on page view in deployed Wikis

T122708: ShortUrl must not write to master db on page views (DBPerformance warning)
This is a problem for active/active

Having two extensions doing the same thing is confusing and redundant

It won't be long until bugs would be made against wrong extension or people look at the wrong documentation.


  • Current maintainer


  • Number, severity and age of known and confirmed security issues


  • Was it a cause of production outages or incidents. List them


  • Does it have sufficient hardware resources for now and the near future (to take into account expected usage growth)?

It depends on which communities want this, if a large wiki wants it, probably not

  • Is it a frequent cause of monitoring alerts that need action, and are they addressed timely and appropriately?

Yes, T122708: ShortUrl must not write to master db on page views (DBPerformance warning) is an issue for active/active

  • When it was first deployed to Wikimedia production

Based on T3450: Enable Extension:ShortUrl on or.wikipedia, ta.wikipedia... it was 2012 (probably it was a rainy day)

  • Usage statistics based on audiences served
  • Changes commited in the last 1, 3, 6 and 12 months

(Based on github)
Last month: 1
Last three months: 6
Last 6 months: 8
Last year: 23
(All small fixes, library upgrade, removing obselete parts)

  • Reliance on outdated platforms (e.g. operating systems)


  • Number of developers who committed code in the last 1, 3, 6, and 12 months

(Based on github)
Last month: 1
Last three months: 2
Last 6 months: 2
Last year: 5

  • Number and age of open patches

One patch, open for five and half years now

  • Number and age of open bugs

11 open bugs.

  • Number of known dependencies
  • Is there a replacement/alternative for the feature? Is there plan for replacement

Extension:UrlShortener which provides the same functionality is deployed and usable now. There is no migration plan so far and would be tricky due to differences on the backend

  • Submitter's recommendation (what do you propose be done?)

Phase out this extension in favor of the cool new feature. The way to phase this out (either make it read-only to completely undeploy it) needs to be determined though. There's some discussion in T107188

Event Timeline

Somewhat of a dupe of T187045: Code Stewardship Review: ShortUrl Extension. I think the main open question is a technical one, do we a) add a read only mode to ShortUrl, and keep it deployed forever, or b) move the logic for short url into UrlShortener, so we only have one thing deployed and routing stuff.