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Move block-related methods on User to the BlockManager
Open, Needs TriagePublic


After the BlockManager is introduced (T219441), move over the block-related methods on User, e.g. User::getBlock, User::blockedBy, etc.

This will involve removing User::getBlockedStatus, which currently determines whether to look for blocks against the request. The BlockManager should have two public methods:

  • One for checking if there are blocks relevant to the global request (against the global user, IP, referenced in a cookie, etc). Could return any type of AbstractBlock.
  • One for checking if there's a block saved against a particular target. Could return a DatabaseBlock.

These essentially map to whether the caller is checking whether someone can actually do something in practice, or whether a caller wants to know if there's a block in the database against a particular target (e.g. to display a message on a User page, or when running a maintenance script like BlockUsers). See also the documentation for BlockManager::getUserBlock, which is currently internal, only called by User::getBlockedStatus:

There will be a lot of callers to update too.

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