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puppet fact: migrate away from the uniqueid fact
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The unique id fact is no longer available in facter3. we have copied the fact to wmflib to support it for now. If we do really want to have a unique id the contents of /etc/machine-id is a better candidate then hostid which is used now.

The following files make reference to the uniqueid

  • modules/profile/manifests/backup/host.pp
    • this seems to be getting a radnom number between 1 and 7 for cron may be able to use cron_splay
  • modules/bacula/manifests/client.pp:
  • modules/bacula/manifests/director.pp:
  • modules/bacula/manifests/storage.pp:
    • theses are all password generaters could possibly use fqdn_rand_string
  • modules/puppetmaster/files/ yaml_data['uniqueid'] = '43434343'
  • modules/puppetmaster/files/ sed -i -e 's@uniqueid:.*@uniqueid: "43434343"@' \ wmflib/lib
    • these are just sanitisation scripts and don't need to change

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