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labpuppetmaster logs 'cannot collect exported resources without storeconfigs being set'
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I've found looking at other things that the labpuppetmaster logs a lot of those:

Apr 16 17:18:50 labpuppetmaster1001 puppet-master[6749]: You cannot collect exported resources without storeconfigs being set; the export is ignored at /etc/puppet/modules/monitoring/manifests/exported_nagios_service.pp:26:5

Here some stats:

# zgrep -c 'You cannot collect exported resources without storeconfigs' syslog.*.gz

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I'm pretty sure this is expected. We don't have puppetdb or another exported resource collector system on this puppetmaster. Doing so in the multi-tenant environment of Cloud VPS projects has a potential to leak/corrupt data as far as I understand it. A puppet manifest can still include a resource export statement (@@whatever{}) and apply on the target host, but trigger this warning on the puppetmaster. Anything that tries to collect exported resources (Whatever <<| |>>) will receive an empty response.