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Consider adding .mw-wiki-logo {margin-top: 0.5em} to skin CSS
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Somewhat related to T203822

The mw-panel class has padding-left: 0.5em and the mw-panel.collapsible-nav div is 168px wide (I think I'm getting the right pieces here). Because of these settings, the logo is nicely centered with a little padding so a logo that takes up the full 168x168 space does not touch the edge of the browser. But the top of a large logo can still touch the top of the browser space.

By adding margin-top: 0.5em to the mw-wiki-logo class (or maybe somewhere else), this adds the same margin (or maybe pad is a better choice, I'll leave that to someone smarter) as the left side. Someone smarter on CSS please comment on whether this would universally add just the right amount of empty space above the logo to match the left side ... and how one would apply this fix. I'm willing to do the fix if someone guides me.

In my example screenshot below, you can see how I added 0.5em above the logo to equally space it from the browser edge above as it already is from the left.