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Represent "Usability Issues" work on MediaWiki
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This task is about creating a MediaWiki project for communicating and hosting a conversation about our team's work on mobile VE usability issues.


We are aware of some usability issues that can cause contributors confusion and frustration when trying to complete common edits [1] on mobile, using VE. There are other issues we do not yet know about. We intend this page to, in part, be a space where contributors feel compelled to share these kinds of concerns and feedback.


  • Publish list of usability improvements we are working on on-wiki; post status update inviting volunteers to add issues they've encountered to talk page
  • Add measurement plan
  • Add details about selection issues
  • Draft "Project page contents"
  • Publish first draft of project page on MediaWiki
  • What is the best way to represent our "Usability Issues" work on MediaWiki? Is this deserving of its own project page? Should updates be posted to the VisualEditor on mobile project page?

Project page contents

  • Glossary
  • Why are we investing time in fixing these "usability issues"?
  • What are the issues we've prioritized working on?
  • Why and how did we prioritize this set of issues?
  • What impact is this work intended to have?
  • How will we know whether this work has had the impact we've intended it to?

Definition of done

  • Publish a first draft of a project page on MediaWiki that communicates what is listed in "Project page contents" above.


  1. Common edits: as defined by the features used most often in completed (read: successful) mobile VE edit sessions. See VisualEditor on mobile report: feature use

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