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Interviews with Wikipedia readers to understand why they trust Wikipedia articles (or don't)
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Andrea Forte (Drexel) and her graduate student Houda El Mimouni will conduct the interviews and perform the analysis; JM will help with protocol development, provide logistical support, and participate in dissemination of results.

  • develop protocol (AF/HEL lead)
  • complete NDAs, interview privacy statements, and consent forms (JM lead)
  • recruit for interviews (AF/HEL lead)
  • conduct interviews (AF/HEL lead)
  • analyze data (AF/HEL lead)
  • write up findings (AF/HEL lead)

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Update: Jonathan gave an update that Andrea and Houda are on their way to conclude the research. I will keep this task open until that happens, and for now I'll keep it assigned to Jonathan.

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