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Update iwlinks table on all Wikimedia wikis
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Maintenance of the interwiki map requires being able to find all existing pages which use a given interwiki prefix. The `iwlinks' table is very convenient for this. However, it only includes pages that have been edited or null-edited since the iwlinks table was added, i.e. when MediaWiki 1.17 was installed. (Purging, by contrast, updates the page_touched date but does not appear to update the iwlinks table.)

See the following three database queries for confirmation of the above:

This means that a lot of old pages are potentially missed in searches of the iwlinks table. See prior discussion here:

At the time of the discussion, @MZMcBride suggested instead null-editing every page. However, that seems like a Herculean task compared to running a maintenance script. Nobody ever got around to implementing either of these solutions.

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PiRSquared17 updated the task description. (Show Details)Apr 19 2019, 6:50 PM

I'm not sure if there's even an existing maintenance script that will do what I want. It looks like refreshLinks.php doesn't update the iwlinks table, except to remove entries from deleted pages. Further, the documentation for purgeList.php doesn't indicate that links are updated. Would running pywikibot genuinely be the best option here?

Btw, looks like "page_links_updated" (which I didn't realize existed) is the correct field to look at, not "page_touched". However, that wasn't added until MW 1.23.