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Investigate how to port Wikibase Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js
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T180228: Port Wikibase Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js has a long list of Ruby browser tests that we want to port. Figure out if this can be grouped in a sensible way (e. g. port tests X first, then tests Y, etc.) and if any tests don’t need to be ported at all.

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Below are the groups I've found. I would suggest starting with the first group, possibly with a subtask for each of the feature files.

I see one subgroup about 'Termbox editing':

  • label.feature (6 scenarios of which 4 are parameterized)
  • description.feature (6 scenarios of which 4 are parameterized)
  • aliases.feature (17 scenarios of which 4 are parameterized)
  • header.feature (6 scenarios of which 2 are parameterized)
  • empty_label_and_description.feature (8 scenarios of which none are parameterized)

Then there is a group of three tiny tests with a small single scenario each:

  • non_existing_item.feature
  • edit_tab.feature
  • delete_item.feature

There are the two smoke tests which are somewhat cross-cutting:

  • item_smoke.feature
  • property_smoke.feature

There are the two about sitelinks:

  • sitelinks.feature (16 scenarios)
  • sitelinks_badge.feature ( 5 scenarios)

There is the long list of statement tests.

  • statement.feature
  • statements_geo.feature
  • statements_item.feature
  • statements_monolingual.feature
  • statements_quantity.feature
  • statements_rank.feature
  • statements_snaktype.feature
  • statements_string.feature
  • statements_time.feature
  • statements_url.feature

Lastly there are three that appear to be not part of any other group:

  • reference.feature (12 scenarios of which 2 are parameterized)
  • special_set_label.feature (7 scenarios)
  • authority_control_gadget.feature (1 parameterized scenario)

The person working on these task should decide which scenarios have to actually be implemented and which are obsolete or redundant with already existing tests.

@Michael sounds good to me, thanks for the investigation. Would you please go ahead and create sub-tasks in T180228 with the groups you suggested? If that would take more than half an hour, please just move this to Done then and I will create those sub-tasks eventually.

Subtasks created (at least some), hence this investigation seems done to me. Therefore closing this ticket. Feel free to re-open if I missed something.