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Fix mediawiki-i18n-check-docker on non-mw repos
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Every three day the L10n-bot is uploading new messages from and the merge failed

  • labs/tools/crosswatch
  • labs/tools/weapon-of-mass-description
  • labs/tools/map-of-monuments
  • labs/tools/commons-mass-description
  • wikimedia/portals
  • wikimedia/wikimania-scholarships

L10n-bot always does a full export and so each day the same messages are exported, because there are not merged and thus no delta is provided for the previous day.

The checker is failing with HTML detected. Manual review required, but <user> are the arguments, not html in that repo.

Also seeing You are in 'detached HEAD' state.
This repos needs another check to get passed, but to be safe for html injection over

Please clean up the pending changes and review the failures. Thanks.