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haswbstatement: P180 not working on production Commons
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We have this:

We've deployed depicts statements to production, but haswbstatement:P180 searches aren't working (they worked fine on test commons and Beta)

We want this:

haswbstatement:P180 should work on production Commons and show a list of files with that statement

Screenshots (if possible):

Acceptance Criteria:

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Hello, @Smalyshev and @dcausse . Erik mentioned I should ping you guys about this one. Any thoughts about why it's not working? Thanks!

Would appreciate an example of pages having P180 statements, so I could test on them.

Looking at the dump, Singapore-downtown.jpg seems to have the statements, and the query is asking for them, but somehow no match.

Weird, the mapping doesn't seem to have statement_keywords at all. So maybe we need a reindex?

Yeah, a reindex might be needed. When I spoke to Erik earlier he mentioned that a reindex would solve our inlabel/incaption issues too.

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Started reindex, should finish sometime tomorrow if everything goes right.

Thank you! 😄

Started reindex, should finish sometime tomorrow if everything goes right.

Reindex finished, but still no luck. I think we have a deeper issue here - while content and general indexes do have statement fields, file index does not, and I think file index is where we need it. It looks like file index is defined by FileContentHandler.php and we'd need to add some provisions for it to include more fields. Probably in WikibaseMediaInfo extension?

Checked the logs and found this:

Couldn't update existing mappings. You may need to reindex.
Here is elasticsearch's error message: process_cluster_event_timeout_exception: failed to process cluster event (put-mapping) within 30s

When trying to update file index on eqiad. codfw worked fine though. So maybe mapping is not wrong, just reindex failure.

OK, everything is reindexed properly and now the search works.

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Looks beautiful. Thanks @Smalyshev !