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Africa Wikimedia Developer IRC meeting #18
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When: Friday 14th, June 2019
Time: 4pm - 5:00pm UTC
Where: #wikimedia-dev-africa on Freenode
Hosts: @rosalieper, @Flixtey

Meeting Agenda

  • More on what to do to mentor GCI in wikkimedia.
  • On Going Outreach project
  • Updates on the Top contributors statistics
  • How about automating some of what we regularly do? (Like mailing list mails, monthly statistics posts etc ...)
  • Open Questions about technical contributions

26:01 PM I can hear church bells from my window ;) it is time for the meeting. Let's do this!
36:02 PM
4<mahveotm_> mahveotm Hi @rosalie good evening!
56:02 PM
6<rosalie> Rosalie Hello Everyone! and welcome Monthly IRC meeting for AWMD
76:02 PM Hi mahveotm_
86:03 PM If you haven't checked the agenda yet. you can find it here
96:03 PM
10<jenniline> Jenniline Hello
116:04 PM
12<rosalie> Rosalie Hi jenniline
136:04 PM → Dialo_ joined (uid321942@gateway/web/
146:05 PM
15<rosalie> Rosalie I imagine everyone is ready for the ride so I will move on with the first point. :)
166:06 PM first point on agenda =>> More on what to do to mentor GCI in wikkimedia.
176:06 PM
18<mahveotm_> mahveotm rosalie: i have, thank you!
196:07 PM
20<rosalie> Rosalie mahveotm_: welcome. The message is actually for everyone ;)
216:08 PM I recieved recently a few questions recently on that (More on what to do to mentor GCI in wikkimedia.
226:08 PM ) from 2 members and decided to share it during the meeting so that everyone can benefit.
236:10 PM First thing if you are interested in mentoring Google Code In in Wikimedia for next round. Save this link and have a look anytime you get a chance to
246:11 PM it will answer question like what is Google Code In, the aim of the program, The eligibility criteria, the prizes and previous years statistics. A global information
256:12 PM
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276:12 PM <oluwasegun> Oluwasegun Idowu Hello, good day guys.
286:12 PM I'm Oluwasegun from Lagos,Nigeria
296:13 PM
30<rosalie> Rosalie Then, When You understand what GCI is, you can checkout the GCI website for more info, like the period during which the program runs and all other information
316:13 PM Hi oluwasegun
326:14 PM oluwasegun: Nice to have you with us today, we are giving out some important point for preparing to be a mentor for next Google code In program.
336:16 PM oluwasegun: Feel free to ask any question any time
346:16 PM Same for @all
356:17 PM So as I was saying, Next thing is to checkout the GCI website for more info
366:17 PM <oluwasegun> Oluwasegun Idowu That's so nice
376:17 PM @rosalie I have subscribed to the link and as well checked out the agenda for today's meeting, it's really great to be here
386:18 PM → brendajerop joined (~Thunderbi@
396:18 PM
40<rosalie> Rosalie Then, since we are not just interested in mentoring GCi but mentoring GCI in wikimedia,We should have a look at this very useful link
416:19 PM oluwasegun: welcome :)
426:19 PM The link I just shared few seconds ago has the documented steps to mentoring GCI in wikimedia
436:22 PM You may want to create task you will mentor (but it is not a must, You can mentor tasks that you did not author)
446:22 PM tasks*
456:22 PM → brendajerop1 joined (~Thunderbi@
466:22 PM
47<rosalie> Rosalie Any question so far?
486:22 PM ⇐ brendajerop quit • brendajerop1 → brendajerop
496:22 PM
50<rosalie> Rosalie any comment?
516:23 PM
52<jenniline> Jenniline Yeah Thanks for the links they answer a lot of questions
536:24 PM
54<rosalie> Rosalie jenniline welcome, Happy to have helped :D
556:25 PM Seems like I can move on
566:26 PM next point=>>On Going Outreach projects
576:27 PM there are 2 running Outreach programs in wikimedia presently(That I know): GSoC (Google Summer of Code) and Outreachy
586:29 PM If you are interested in knowing the selected students, their cool projects and if you wish to read their experiences, work progress from their blogs and reports,
596:30 PM check out this for outreachy selected applicants for this year:
606:31 PM and check this for GSoC selected applicants for this year:
616:31 PM There you will find a link to their projects, project proposals and written blogs. Enjoy and share :)
626:32 PM so far nothing more to add on this point, except there is a question or a comment
636:35 PM ok cool :)
646:36 PM next point=> Updates on the Top contributors statistics
656:37 PM
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676:37 PM
68<rosalie> Rosalie Sorry this point sounds like I am gong to give updates but I actually want to ask for updates
696:39 PM jenniline: If I can recall you had to take over the task of updating this page. I see the month of may is kind of empty still. After the meeting we can plan some time and I help you out if you are facing any challenge or having questions concerning that. :) any time you are free
706:40 PM Or if you want to let it for someone this might be the good time to do it? so anothers can pick
716:40 PM This is the page sorry:
726:40 PM
73<jenniline> Jenniline I will love to perform the task
746:42 PM and Yes i need help and details.I will love to have guidance on carrying out the task
756:43 PM
76<rosalie> Rosalie ok after the IRC meeting let have a chat and schedule a time so I answer your questions and worries
776:43 PM let me know if that is ok
786:43 PM
79<jenniline> Jenniline yes that's okay
806:44 PM
81<rosalie> Rosalie great
826:44 PM If there is no comment or Question I am moving :)
836:46 PM Next poin=>> How about automating some of what we regularly do? (Like mailing list mails, monthly statistics posts etc ...)
846:46 PM point*
856:47 PM → tybanash joined (uid315639@gateway/web/
866:47 PM
87<tybanash> Awah Nadege Hello
886:47 PM
89<rosalie> Rosalie So as we all know, we have monthly IRC meetings and I send 2 mails every few days before the meeting
906:48 PM
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926:49 PM CFisch_remote → CFisch_NA
936:49 PM
94<rosalie> Rosalie tybanash: Hi welcome, You may find it useful to have a look at the links up. Happy to have you today
956:49 PM
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976:50 PM
98<rosalie> Rosalie I am thinking of automating the mails as it feel like I am doing work a robot should do. haha
996:50 PM
100<tybanash> Awah Nadege Can't see the links , I just joined
1016:50 PM
102<rosalie> Rosalie I am bringing it up here to have points of views. if no objection, I will conclude an agreement
1036:51 PM
104<brendajerop> tybanash: They will be available later in the meeting logs here
1056:51 PM
106<rosalie> Rosalie Again that is one example but I will be updating both at meeting and on the mailing list on the changes coming ahead
1076:53 PM brendajerop: Thank you for sharing the link to the logs. Please note The logs are availabe only once the meeting is over, as I update them after meetings
1086:53 PM
109<brendajerop> rosalie: I think that's a great idea. Is there a specific time of the month when the monthly meetings occur?
1106:53 PM
111<rosalie> Rosalie So far any question?
1126:54 PM brendajerop: Yes, second friday of every month
1136:54 PM and the content of the mails are pretty almost always the same
1146:55 PM automating it will make it possible for the mails to go out even when I am sick or unable to sent the mail
1156:56 PM with that, I will move to the next point on Agenda.
1166:57 PM We are left with just 4 minutes for the meeting but the floor is open now for =>Open Questions about technical contributions
1176:58 PM
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1196:58 PM
120<rosalie> Rosalie If you ask a question we can't answer now due to time, We could keep it for next meeting and address it as an agenda point. Or better still I collect the questions and send out drafted replies on mailing list while waiting for next meeting to make it more lively.
1217:01 PM If there is no question, still ok.
1227:01 PM Time up.
1237:01 PM
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1257:01 PM
126<brendajerop> rosalie: Thank you for hosting :)
1277:02 PM
128<rosalie> Rosalie Thank you all for being part of this meeting and I hope you learnt something
1297:02 PM brendajerop: :D my pleasure
1307:03 PM I will update the logs for those you missed out something or came in late.
1317:03 PM Feel free to ping me any time here or by mail with futher questions.
1327:03 PM you are all welcome to stick aroung the £wikimedia-dev-africa channel
1337:04 PM And have a nice weekend
1347:04 PM #wikimedia-dev-africa*

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