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Make #WMNO-General a subproject of #WMNO
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When creating the Phabricator project WMNO-General last year I apparently did it wrong, because it is not listed as a subproject of our umbrella project WMNO. It doesn't seem to be possible to make it one with the rights I have, so I'm hoping someone else is able to fix that.

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@jhsoby-WMNO: Sorry for the extremely late reply. Somehow I never got subscribed to this task (which puzzles me a bit). :( I guess this is still wanted?

This requires CLI access and cannot be performed by Project-Admins hence removing tag.

@Aklapper No worries, there's absolutely no urgency to this, just a mild inconvenience. :-) But still wanted, yes.

I believe the reason you weren't subscribed is that IIRC your huge Herald rule excludes stuff from WMNO (and other chapters) since tasks in those projects normally aren't anything you need to check on, so I guess that rule took precedence over the task also being in a different project.

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Following ,

  • Checked that no tasks have both tags
  • sudo /srv/phab/phabricator/bin/move_project --subproject --child "WMNO-General" --parent "WMNO" --keep-members child

Sorry again that this took ages. :-/