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[Bug] Content is wider than the screen and scrolls sideways on commons file pages with the "Creator" template inside of a table
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Steps to reproduce

  1. On iOS 12.2, open Safari and browse to a file page that uses the Creator template inside of a table, like File:Ada_Lovelace_portrait.jpg
  2. Scroll down the area of the page with the creator template inside another table

Expected results

Table fits on the screen? Not really sure. Feel free to update this with whatever makes sense

Actual results

Table is cut off and scrolls sideways.

Environments observed

  • Browser version: whatever version of Safari that ships with iOS 12.2
  • OS version: iOS 12.2
  • Device model: X
  • Device language: en

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The reading web team does not fix templates (and I should add it's a bit of a gray area for whether we're allowed to as it could be interpreted as "editing" while on the job), but we can use community liasons to notify editors of the problem to get this fixed. The first step is to write a message on the talk page, which I've done: . Hopefully someone will respond!