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Show current variant on drop-down menu
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Would you please let the variant drop-down menu shows what was selected on it's header, that is, on the left of the down-arrow? Just like the old monobook does. So that people would know quicker which variant they were using. This is also more friendly to the anonymous users since our variant auto-selecting method often make mistakes.

Best regards.

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hydrogen_cyanide wrote:

Maybe we can give each drop-down menu a name on screen, just like File->Open in many computer programs.

This should be an easy CSS fix, since the selected variant already has class="selected"

Sorry, maybe I didn't make it clear enough.

I meant that can we add a label next to the down-arrow that indicates what this menu is used to do. Maybe something like that menu in the attachment. Or at least, something like "Variant ↓" would help.

Best regards.

Created attachment 6452
Old variant menu shows on monobook, produced by a user script.

Old variant menu shows on monobook, produced by a user script.


20193.png (169×135 px, 3 KB)

Yep... currently there's no labeling on the drop-down until you mouse over it, which makes it very unclear what's in there or why.

I added an feature to Vector which can be turned on by setting $wgVectorShowVariantName to true in your local settings.

This feature is added as of r65590 and r65590.

More study needs to be done as to the user experience impacts this feature poses. In the mean time, we will be staging it on one of our sandbox sites...

(In reply to comment #7)

This feature is added as of r65590 and r65590.

Should read "r65590 and r65591".

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Screenshot of arrow not displaying properly

I don't know if this has been the case since this was fixed, but the arrow doesn't display properly when enabled ($wgVectorShowVariantName = true). There are even two arrows displayed.

See screenshot.

(Besides, I think this doesn't need a config var and should be default, because without the text it doesn't say anything what it is, while it is a relatively important feature.)


Variant-tabs.png (63×222 px, 2 KB)

Seems to be a recent problem, as it doesn't appear yet on srwiki & zhwiki where it is enabled.

Reported as bug 31396; marking as fixed again.