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Timeouts parsing Portail:Accueil/Bandeaux
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Using a local instance of Parsoid and MCS, when querying MCS for the article Portail:Accueil/Bandeaux :

Parsoid times out and exits:

{"name":"mwoffliner","hostname":"ReeveLaptop.local","pid":38210,"level":30,"logType":"info","wiki":"wiki$0","title":"Portail:Accueil/Bandeaux","oldId":1144227,"reqId":null,"userAgent":"service-mobileapp-node","msg":"redirecting to revision 1144227 for html","longMsg":"redirecting to revision\n1144227\nfor\nhtml","levelPath":"info","time":"2019-04-26T10:19:15.635Z","v":0}
{"name":"mcs","hostname":"ReeveLaptop.local","pid":38210,"level":50,"message":"504: internal_http_error","status":504,"type":"internal_http_error","detail":"504: internal_http_error","request_id":"3c969ab3-680c-11e9-8de2-8f2048b48d19","request":{"url":"/","headers":{"user-agent":"axios/0.18.0","x-request-id":"3c969ab3-680c-11e9-8de2-8f2048b48d19"},"method":"GET","params":{"0":"/"},"query":{},"remoteAddress":"","remotePort":57416},"levelPath":"error/504","msg":"504: internal_http_error","time":"2019-04-26T10:19:37.813Z","v":0}
{"name":"parsoid","hostname":"ReeveLaptop.local","pid":38210,"level":60,"levelPath":"fatal","msg":"Timed out processing: wiki$0/Portail:Accueil/Bandeaux?oldid=1144227","time":"2019-04-26T10:19:39.631Z","v":0}

This still happens when I double the default request timeout and maxWikitextSize.
I think this must be a bug, because the page does not seem large in and of itself:

Original issue:

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Sorry, we are heads down in the porting world and we cannot investigate this deeply at this point. But, at first glance, yes, it seems like some bug in Parsoid. I ran a --trace peg and it took a while before that output stopped. But after that, I didn't see any activity. So, probably it got stuck elsewhere in the pipeline. We have --trace options for almost every stage in the pipeline. So, we'll have to play with them or if that doesn't work hook up a debugged to see what is going on. But, this is not something we can take a look at in the immediate term.

ssastry triaged this task as Medium priority.May 8 2019, 3:41 PM
tstarling subscribed.

It takes 6 seconds for me after expanding templates. Nothing really special about the flame graph. It's unclear what timeout was used. The upstream bug notes "I just have a run vikidia-fr with a latest edge branch and got no issues with timeouts... The problem appears when the remote wiki is somehow too slow." Doesn't look like a Parsoid issue. Possibly the MW API was slow when this was run with Parsoid/JS.