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Offer proposals or automatically link a word in an article to the existing Wikipedia page for that word
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I have a few ideas in my mind which simplify the Wikipedia editors work. The outline of this idea is to automate the hyperlinks in Wikipedia pages.

Currently, there are millions of wiki pages in Wikipedia and there are tons of hyperlinks to get the related data at convenience in each wiki page, These hyperlinks are linked manually by the editors during the time of article writing.

My idea is to automate the hyperlinking system by giving suggestions to the editors during the time of article writing/editing for the particular (needed) words using ML techniques. This hopefully makes the editors work 10% faster and empowers the Wikimedia software.

I'm happy to present this idea and take the experts input for the further development of the solution. I can also provide you with further details if needed.

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptApr 26 2019, 11:11 AM

Another solution:

If a editor can, while writing the wiki page, press a kind of key combinations ( CTRL + SPACE for example ) and get a dropdown menu of available links that he can use for hyperlinking may be also a good idea.

I admit I do not understand what "automate" means in the task summary.

Instead of providing the hyperlinks to the wiki pages manually, The hyperlinks to the respective words have to generate automatically.

We should use wikilinks instead of hyperlinks, as in wiki world wiki Page's link called wikilink.

Aklapper renamed this task from Automate the Hyperlinks in wikipedia to Offer proposals or automatically link a word in an article to the existing Wikipedia page for that word .Apr 28 2019, 10:23 AM

I hope I rephrased the task summary correctly - I think you do not want to automate links but automatically add or propose links.

Yeah exactly, Thank you @Aklapper for rephrasing the title :)

I like this project. I can imagine a button in VisualEditor or any other editor that tries to suggest matching link targets based on the current text and the currently highlighted text snippet (or the word at the cursor position in case no text was manually selected).

Note that simply linking to (for example) [[Rock]] when the user selected the word "rock" is often not sufficient. Same for people that share the same name, and such. I'm sure you are aware of this issue, and mentioned machine learning because of this.

This sounds like a WMF project from a few years ago that was eventually abandoned: T107630. There may be other more detailed tasks than that one, but the people who worked on that would be good to talk to as well.

Esanders added a comment.EditedMay 17 2019, 10:38 AM

Also discussed were possible UI improvements to the link tool in the 2010 wikitext editor, which is less user friendly than the tool in VE:

which is implemented in jquery.wikiEditor.dialogs.config.js in the WikiEditor extension.

Thanks for finding that! I'm tempted to merge this task into T107630 if @Gopavasanth agrees

Yeah I had a discussion with the @Esanders in the hackathon, you can merge @Aklapper Thanks for addressing me :)

@Gopavasanth: Feel free to do so via "Edit Related Tasks > Close As Duplicate"