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QA Plan for RESTBagOStuff
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This is a placeholder task so we don't forget to do this.

Sessions storage is used extensively within MW, and errors in the session storage can have surprising and unpleasant effects for users.

We need to do testing for sessions. Ideally this would be entirely automated, but since most the hard stuff is going to be in browsers, we should probably also have a plan to do some manual testing with humans at the wheel.

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EvanProdromou renamed this task from QA Plan for KaskBagOStuff to QA Plan for RESTBagOStuff.Jun 10 2019, 2:19 PM

I've done a first run through the test docs with testwiki, set to multiwrite(redis, kask). It worked fine, which I think is probably what we expect.

Happy to have someone else do it too. The script as defined took me about 15 minutes to run through.

eprodromou added a subscriber: eprodromou.

I wrote this up. It's done.