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Parsoid doesn't work with node 12
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I found the following Dockerfile to run Parsoid under docker:

After copying a valid config.yaml I can build and run the dockerfile and the service works.
It also works when I use the image node:11.14.0-alpine as a baseimage. (In other words: It also works under node 11.14.0.)

However, the service does not start if I use the image node:12.0.0-alpine. I can still build the docker image. But when I run the docker image the server does not start correctly. I get the following log message:

{"name":"parsoid","hostname":"8e58c7790aad","pid":19,"level":60,"code":"MODULE_NOT_FOUND","requireStack":["/srv/parsoid/node_modules/service-runner/lib/base_service.js","/srv/parsoid/node_modules/service-runner/lib/master.js","/srv/parsoid/node_modules/service-runner/service-runner.js"],"moduleName":"lib/index.js","levelPath":"fatal/service-runner/worker","msg":"Cannot find module 'lib/index.js'\nRequire stack:\n- /srv/parsoid/node_modules/service-runner/lib/base_service.js\n- /srv/parsoid/node_modules/service-runner/lib/master.js\n- /srv/parsoid/node_modules/service-runner/service-runner.js","time":"2019-04-29T12:14:34.658Z","v":0}
{"name":"parsoid","hostname":"8e58c7790aad","pid":1,"level":40,"message":"first worker died during startup, continue startup","worker_pid":19,"exit_code":1,"startup_attempt":1,"levelPath":"warn/service-runner/master","msg":"first worker died during startup, continue startup","time":"2019-04-29T12:14:35.676Z","v":0}

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Reedy renamed this task from Pardoid doesn't work with node 12 to Parsoid doesn't work with node 12.Apr 29 2019, 12:18 PM
ssastry subscribed.

We are currently focused on the PHP port and won't be able to attend to this for a while.

@ssastry What do you think about mentioning it on ?

That is a good idea. Feel free to edit the wiki page yourself. But, I can do it tomorrow otherwise.

We are unlikely to get this working at this point. Parsoid/JS support will end next year and we will be fully focused on Parsoid/PHP.

NB: for those out there still using Parsoid/JS, while it was indeed crashing on startup with Node 12, it seems to have no such qualms with Node 16. The parser test suite passes as well, with only the Cite blacklist needing to be regenerated (but without new failures).