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Finalize file format for phester test definitions
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The file format drafted in T219883: Draft file format for phester test definitions needs to be finalized and documented, once we have a feature complete (prototype?) implementation of phester.

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Giving this 3 story points, tending towards 5, because writing a proper spec with good documentation takes time, even after we know exactly what the file format should look like.

Phester's format for specifying requests and responses is quite similar to HAR (see HTTP Archive 1.2), but there are some differences. Maybe we want to change the format to be compatible with HAR?

daniel added a comment.EditedJul 26 2019, 10:45 AM

Accessing values nested deeply in a structure. We could allow a shorthand syntax for that. E.g. instead of

                 id: 23

we could allow:

body: 23

The path-like key would be expanded after parsing the YAML. The leading dot would trigger that. The syntax follows the JSONPath standard (though I don't think we should implement full JSONPath here). To allow for the rare case that we literally want a key that starts with a dot, escape it with a backslash (or another dot).

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We will not be building Phester.