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Add functionality for retrieving image files from categories specified in the campaign
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This is the main parent task for all work related to retrieval of image file lists from categories. The resulting image list is cycled though on the T221927: Participate campaign page

Category contents will be retrieved live at the time the user initially enters the Participate Campaign page (i.e. the beginning of a 'Participation Session'). Using a live list will allow any recent additions/changes to the category contents to be reflected in the list shown to the user.

The list of images generated does not need to be available after the user exits their current Participation Session.


1. ISA Initial test version:
The initial implementation is a simplified version of the feature, which will enable us to begin testing the participate campaign page and start work on system for storing contributions in the database.

  • T222231 A single combined list of image files is generated from all Campaign categories, without looking into any subcategories

2. ISA Minimum Viable Product:
Extend functionality to reach the minimum functionality we would need for an initial 'complete' working version of the app.

  • T222262 Include a depth of subcategories (which will be specified by the manager when creating the campaign)
  • T222265 For Wiki Loves campaigns only, extract a list of all country sub-categories which will be used to populate the dropdown option on the Campaign page (i.e. the user can optionally select a single country to work when participating)

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