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PageUp and PageDown act as Home and End in Visual editing
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open VisualEditor on a long wiki page (
  2. Press PageDown

Actual Results

  1. The editing window moves to the end of the page, as if End was pressed.

Expected Results

  1. The editing window scrolls down one screen.

This occurs at any point the cursor is inserted, in visual or text editing mode, in Firefox or Chrome. PageUp always acts as Home and PageDown as End. In Article View mode (or any other usage on the same computer), PageUp and PageDown act as expected.

Possible regression:

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JAufrecht created this task.

For the record, I couldn't reproduce this. I ran into some issues, but not like you described (it seems that the cursor can get "stuck" in a link annotation when navigating using PageUp/PageDown/Up/Down, at least in Chrome). A video documenting your problem might help.

I have a video of the bug, but this Phabricator instance won't take an upload. Is this appropriate for Commons?

Phabricator accepts uploads only up to 4 MB in size. Your video might fit in that limit if you transcode it to WEBM or other modern format (and if it's not too long).

From what I've seen in the past, Commons folks usually do not delete videos for bug reports, but I don't know if you're really supposed to upload them there.

You can always put them in a Dropbox, Google Drive, or some other such service. (Just make sure the download is accessible without logging in.)

video showing incorrect page up/page down behavior.

Related: T231988 (Firefox bug causing this behavior, should be fixed soon). It looks like you used Firefox for your video.

You're saying this also occurs in Chrome so I'm leaving the task open, although I couldn't reproduce that.

Esanders claimed this task.
Esanders added a subscriber: Esanders.

The FF issue was fixed in version 72. No one has reproduced this is Chrome so I'm closing. Feel free to re-open if that is incorrect.