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Author: martin.leese

Somebody on the Talk page given in the URL pointed out that the XHTML for that Talk page does not validate. I checked, and this is so. Here is the output from the validator:

Validation Output: 1 Error

  1. Error Line 335, Column 45: value of attribute "id" invalid: "." cannot start a name <p><a name=".22Bug.22_defined_in_1892." id=".22Bug.22_defined_in_1892."></a></p> It is possible that you violated the naming convention for this attribute. For example, id and name attributes must begin with a letter, not a digit.

The problem is caused by the following section heading:

"Bug" defined in 1892.

As you can see, each quotation mark is being converted to '.22' making the name/id attribute begin with a '.'.

Neat bug. One way to fix it would be to always add a leading dummy character to the attribute. This would make it look something like:


Version: unspecified
Severity: minor
URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Software_bug#Bug_on_the_bug_page


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