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Wikidata search dropdown is blank when there's an exact name match
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Slightly difficult to explain this one. When searching in wikidata, the search box proffers a set of matches as one types in the search term.

Consider the search for Anna Taylor

When searching for this string, the dropdown is populated up to the point that the full Anna Taylor sting is typed in; whereupon it becoes blank. Add another space, and it reappears.

Steps to reproduce

  • On wikidata
  • Enter Anna Taylo
  • Observe that the search provides dropdown suggestions
  • Add the final r
  • Observe that the search dropdown disappears
  • Add a space
  • Observe that the search dropdown reappears

Expected result: The search dropdown should not disappear on typing in the final r.

This seems to be a general problem with wikidata (in firefox and safari from a mac). Does not occur on e.g.

Event Timeline

And the clear risk with this issue is that if one enters a search term that should get a match ... for instance - Judith Schwarz - and places a reliance on the dropdown, then seeing no dropdown, as if the search term did not match anything, will, for instance, lead to the creation of duplicates.

There seems to be another issue with the T222347. In the case of T222333 the result is just empty, while T222347 returns status code 500.

Hi @Tagishsimon, thanks for taking the time to report this!

Assuming "on wikidata" means "on", I can confirm this.

Also see T222329: Special:Search generates "TypeError: this.pushPending is not a function" for another search related issue currently, but I don't see that TypeError here so it seems to be a different issue.

debt added a subscriber: debt.

The search api is returning the correct result, but this appears to be a UI issue. I'm moving this to the watching column as the Search team doesn't have any front end engineers to work on this.

I observed the same behavior since about a week when adding statements. It makes editing a lot harder and I almost added some wrong statements several times. As this appears to be a frond-end issue: I'm running Firefox 66.0.3 (64-bit) on Ubuntu and I'm pretty sure it was updated recently. I'll see if my other laptop (with older FF version) has the same issue.

Tested it, but it's on the same major version (66.0.2) and no difference.