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mobile-html: JavaScript abstraction layer
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Build an abstraction layer that lives behind a pcs global variable on mobile-html pages for clients to interact with. It should hide pagelib and any other implementation details from the clients.

pcs.v1. etc.

setup(theme, areImagesDimmed, textSizeAdjustmentPercentage, margins, areTablesCollapsed, callback) -Initial setup endpoint that combines multiple calls that usually happen on initial article load T218049
setTheme(theme) - set reading theme
setDimImages(dimImages) - set whether or not images are dimmed
setMargins(margins) - set margins
setTextSizeAdjustment(adjustmentPercentage) - set text size adjustment
setAreTablesCollapsed(areTablesCollapsed) - set whether or not tables are collapsed

setInteractionHandler(interactionHandler) T219998

getSectionOffsets(...) T219909

See child tickets for details. Naming should match conventions defined here instead of naming conventions proposed in the child tickets. eg pcs.v1.setTheme not wmf.setTheme

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