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Tasks requiring Blazegraph reload
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This is a tracking task for changes that will require Blazegraph data store reload. Since it makes sense to group their fixing into as little batches as possible, they are listed here:

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@Smalyshev: This task really never ends and will remain open forever? Is there a reason there are no subtasks?

@Aklapper the idea is to track all the tasks that need full DB reload in one place. Since conceivably these tasks will be also popping up in the future, it will not be closed. If that's a problem, we could have separate task for each reload cycle, but we've been doing it for search with T147505 and it seems to work well. Suggestions welcome of course.

Thanks for the explanation. Interesting because T147505 does not have a Tracking-Neverending tag. (And I asked because it's deprecated.)

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After discussion, we'll close this and track specific reloads.