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Logo change for pih.wikipedia
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Author: mike_wazhere

hello could you please change the logo for [], it is saved as Wiki.png and is now transparent (see bug [[20045]])


thanks, Mike

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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jeluf wrote:

The font of the project name and the motto doesn't match the other logos. Could you please fix that?

mike_wazhere wrote:

I wasn't aware that was important. de.wikipedia doesn't seem to use the correct font. and anyways, I'm not exactly sure how to without affecting the transparency.

mike_wazhere wrote:

never mind, I figured out how to. what font is the motto and name in?

mike_wazhere wrote:

its in Hoefler font isn't it? I don't have that font, so I can't really change it. either someone else changes it or it will have to be uploaded as is.

jeluf wrote:

Please reopen the ticket when a new logo has been uploaded.