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My mathboot tool stopped working
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Howdy. I've been running a bot called Mathbot on Wikipedia for many years. It uses a CGI interface accessible from:

The actual link is:

These days it stopped working. The error users get is:

No webservice
The URI you have requested, /mathbot/cgi-bin/wp/afd/afd.cgi, is not currently serviced.

The tool works just fine if I ssh into the server and run it by hand. Did some permissions change?

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Mathbot is listed on . @OlegAlexandrov: To clarify, did you migrate the tool from Ubuntu Trusty to Debian Stretch?

I thought I did. I moved it as a cron job. The tool is happily running in the new environment as a cron job daily, just the CGI interface is not working.

I think the script now can run. There is a problem though. The machine tools-sgebastion-07 I use for testing runs perl 5.24. When the CGI script runs, it tells me that it runs on machine:

Linux mathbot-1345067540-00oz4 4.9.0-0.bpo.6-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.88-1+deb9u1~bpo8+1 (2018-05-13) x86_64 GNU/Linux

and there it uses perl 5.20.

Do you know why the difference in perl version? For some binary modules this is a problem as they run on one perl version and not on another one.

Any updates? :) I can't fix that myself, I don't have access to the "virtual" server you create for my bot on which you run the cgi script which runs a different perl version than the one on tools-sgebastion-07.

Do you at least know why there are two different perl versions? I thought after the recent upgrade it is all standardised to a single Ubuntu distribution. Not giving the developer the same environment for testing as in production does not look like a good idea.