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Handle situations of high latency between client and server
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If there is high latency between client and server then it's not clear to the user what is going on. The save almost looks like it is failing. They can continue to edit the boxes and in the event that the save does go through then their changes after clicking save are lost.

A simple example is here:

Peek 2019-05-06 15-23.gif (176×429 px, 43 KB)

In this case I would think it makes sense to show to the user that we are trying to save and haven't heard back yet. Maybe a spinner on the save button?

I believe after clicking the save action should be locked until clear success or failure. Otherwise the following can happen which is very confusing:

Peek 2019-05-06 16-14.gif (224×429 px, 74 KB)

This also means that the text input fields should probably be locked because otherwise the user can do work that can never be saved.

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