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Add image-rendering to cssImage3 set
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image-rendering (caniuse) is a CSS Image 3 property that tells the browser how to best upscale an image. It is very useful for keeping server-side image output like that from Module:Graph crisp and readable.

The standard prescribes these names: auto | smooth | high-quality | crisp-edges | pixelated. Of these, crisp-edges and pixelated are the two most useful options we need, although you may also want to allow -webkit-optimize-contrast because Chrome (which the majority of visitors use) wants to use its own name for crisp-edges.

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<s>@Arthur2e5: How is this related to css-sanitizer?</s>Meh, please ignore. I skipped reading the word "parser".

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image-rendering is a CSS Image 3 property

I don't see it in the latest published version of CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 3. It seems it's currently only in the Editor's Draft.

Other than that and the attendant possibility for it to be modified before it is finally published, this request seems sensible enough.

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Per caniuse it's at 90% support (plus a few more percent with IE's custom equivalent, -ms-interpolation-mode: nearest-neighbor).

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