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Update Monumental GLAM main page
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Update the info on the main page of Monumental GLAM.

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Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE added a subscriber: Yarl.

Ping @Yarl – here's the adjusted main page text.

Also if there's a good place for it, it would be good to insert the logo somewhere.

Welcome to Monumental GLAM – the tool to explore cultural heritage institutions around the world.

Enter the name of an institution in the search box above (for example, <i>Rijksmuseum</i>) to learn more, or explore institutions by entering a geographic region (for example, <i>Berlin</i>). You can also click an example item or city below.

The tool displays information and multimedia about cultural heritage institutions gathered through Wikidata, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. It is a modified version of <a href="">Monumental</a> and was developed as a part of the <a href="">FindingGLAMs</a> project by <a href="">Wikimedia Sverige</a>, with the goal of encouraging new users to contribute to the <a href="">crowdsourcing campaign</a>.
Yarl added a comment.May 13 2019, 10:45 PM

Text changed and deployed in version 19.05.07.

@Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE Do we want list of example/featured institutions? For now they are hidden.

@Yarl What is happening about Swedish people being able to search for a map of their city/region? Without search working its going to be really hard for people to contribute. Will the search function be changed or is it better to just make a list of Swedish cities and regions and put them on the front page?

@Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE can we just use these as a list of cities and regions.

As a back up I could make a list of cities and regions on meta that link through to queries

@Mrjohncummings – I made a small list in T223196.

Note that in Sweden, we need to link to the item for municipality, not city, because of how most users interpret P131. Compare e.g. searching in Göteborg municipality and Göteborg – only one GLAM found in the latter, and only because it incorrectly uses the city item as P131.

I haven't seen this practice in other countries, but it might be worthwile to do some research to see if Sweden is a special case on Wikidata.