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PHP Fatal error: Cannot override final method Job::getTitle() in SMW
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PHP Fatal error: Cannot override final method Job::getTitle() in /www/ on line 20

Anyone running MediaWiki master with SemanticMediaWiki will have a broken wiki. This prevents from updating code.

The method was made final in fc5d51f. CC @Krinkle @aaron @kostajh
Per my understanding this part should be reverted for now and go through the regular deprecation/migration process.

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Nikerabbit triaged this task as High priority.May 7 2019, 8:56 AM

I'm tempted to triage this as UBN! because it breaks my dev&testing environment and prevents running the "train" on, but just putting it as high for now since I have a workaround for dev.

I'm not sure both can be supported simultaneously. We can re-allow method overrides, but the value wouldn't be stored. What is it used for?

I didn't check SMW side until now and found – but they haven't had a stable release since then. Perhaps this is acceptable breakage for now.

Ah, I see. They added it as copy of the default so that it would exist even in old MW versions (before MW 1.19). So it wasn't doing anything. Okay, yeah, I think that's fair and not something we need to support in MW 1.34.

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I'm planning to close this (if I remember) when the fix is included in a stable SMW release.