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CX2: Allow adding a link to the translation from the source link card
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Currently clicking on the source links shows a card (T197075), but the action provided in the card ("view") is useless (shows a read-only search mode to change the link, which makes no sense) and does not allow users to add such link to the translation in any easy way:

Screenshot 2019-05-08 at 09.59.34.png (389×1 px, 139 KB)

This ticket proposes to replace the "View" action with an "Add" action that allows the user to add to the translation a link to the equivalent page in the target wiki. Allowing users to add such link to the translation is important to make the experience more fluent as captured in this comment: "I can't quickly put the link to another wiki page by clicking the necessary word at the left side ".

CX-source-link.png (720×1 px, 333 KB)

  • Clicking on "Add" will add a link in the translation.
  • The added link will have as target the equivalent page in the target wiki, and use that page title as the label too.
  • The link will be added where the text cursor or selection was in the translation just before the user selected the link. If it is not possible to determine, it is ok to add the link at the end of the translation paragraph for the user to move to the right place.

When the article does not exist on the target wiki

In the case where there is not an equivalent article, a card with the option to add a red link will be shown. The card is similar to T193233 but with two differences: (a) there is no delete button (i.e., trash icon), and (b) the label for the action for the button is "Add as missing".

CX-source-link-missing.png (720×1 px, 239 KB)