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Feature: Hovers and hyperlinks on Wikidata query service graph views
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The Wikidata Query service allows awesome graph views. Those display nodes and edges, with some tweaking available on nodes (size, color, image, caption), and edges (caption).

It would be great to have the possibility to also define captions that are themselves hyperlinks or even hovers (edgeHover, nodeHover).

One scenario where this might be particularly helpful is when the network being displayed is actually mostly present in other databases, and the Wikidata data is mostly about authority control. In this way one could visually navigate data present in many databases and directly jump to the relevant entry elsewhere on the web.

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If you select an IRI as a ?variable and a string as a ?variableLabel (example), then the node will be made a hyperlink to the IRI with the string as the text (double-click to follow the link).