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Automatic fix (linebreak removal) after preview or publishing page results in bad transclusion
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When I preview or publish a page in NS page on Czech wikisource, mediawiki (or maybe some gadget?) removes linebreak before a heading resulting in transclusion of text surrounded by equal signs instead of a heading. There are workarounds, but they are extra effort that would be unnecessary if these "automatic fixes" would not be happening.

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We cannot have both worlds of no breaks or breaks, and only one can be automated. This is why the Wikisources have their {{nop}} templates to indicate the end of a paragraph.

Also it is unusual for the Wikisources to use == == as they usually look to better replicate the work, AND not create artificial section markers that are not in the works.

I think it is reasonable to expect header markup to work after a section header.

It is worth noting that list markup and table markup do not have this problem: