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BC Announcement - wbeditentity with empy array alises will be removing all aliases with this change
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As per parent task, we will announce it as a breaking change in order for tools to make sure they do not:

  • break in case they depended on that "bug" as a "feature"
  • delete data unintentionally in case they haven't notices that current behavior was a noop previously, but will not to continue to be so

This task should be put in done once the usual BC notice period have elapsed from the time of the announcement is made.

Event Timeline

Breaking change process running:

  • May 14th: announcement
  • May 28th or earlier: bugfix deployed on beta
  • June 17th: bugfix deployed on

This was deployed on beta on 28th right?

Update: because Operation team have their offsite next week, the deployment on is postponed to June 17th.