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Cannot update a statement property; need to delete and recreate
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When the wrong property has been chosen, and the statement has been saved, it is currently impossible to "just" update the statement property.

When the property would need to be updated, the whole statement (tree) needs to be deleted and rebuild again manually using the right property, and reapplying all of the values/subjects.

This is inconvenient if the user just, by mistake, choose the wrong property.

It would be more easy to just update the property right away, and keep (compatible) values/objects or let the user choose to keep/change/update/remove invalid subjects or values.

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Hi @Geertivp, unfortunately this report lacks some information and does not allow anyone else to understand what is requested here. If you have time and can still reproduce the problem: Please add a more complete description to this report.

Which project or website is this about?

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Ideally, exact and clear steps to reproduce should allow any other person to follow these steps (without having to interpret those steps) and see the same results. Problems that others can reliably reproduce can get fixed faster. Thanks!

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