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Translating image captions in the app (workflow)
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Conceptual descriptions

  • Requirements:
    • Users have set more than one language in the app.
    • Image caption translating is available by default and does not depend previously unlocked “Suggested edit“ tasks.
  • Show structured image caption if available. If image does not have a structured caption, output unstructured data.
  • Show translation CTA, no matter whether there is a structured caption available or not in the current language, if:
    • Multiple languages are set in the app
    • Image does not have a structured caption in the target language
    • “Translate image captions“ task is unlocked
  • If a third language is set in the app and there’s already a structured or unstructured caption in the second language, the CTA prompts to add a translation in the third language, and so forth.
  • Edit flow bases on T223131
  • When publishing a translation, the snackbar should display: “$TargetLanguage caption published!”. Users stay in the gallery view of the “From” language after adding a translation. However, they have the possibility to switch to the image with the translation they just added via “View“ in the snackbar (which equals an app language switch in the gallery view).


👉Zeplin: T223128 | Translating image captions in the app

Flow chart

Event Timeline

I added a flow chart to this task @Sharvaniharan:

Does this work for you to understand when to show what in gallery images? Thanks for letting me know.

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Thanks for working on this @Dbrant, all issues related to this task are listed in T225635. Moving this to QA signoff.

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Looking good to me on 2.7.50282-alpha-2019-06-18

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