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New file page for images [v2]
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Conceptual descriptions

This is an MVP suggestion for a dedicated file page. It can be accessed via overflow menu in the bottom sheet or in gallery view. Side note: This page draft will hopefully be discussed with the community at the Hackathon in Prague. This is the draft for the file page:

  • Image caption (structured if available, else unstructured)
  • Depicts
  • Author
  • Artist
  • Date
  • Source/Photographer
  • Licensing
  • File usage on Wikipedia in the current app language(s)
  • More infos (link to file page on Commons)

This task is related to T223130, since it’s using the same designs as the bottom sheet (except for a different article title layout).


👉Zeplin: T223132 | New file page for images

@Mholloway - need to request APIs for this, which is coming up pretty soon

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It looks like most of the fields can be gleaned from the mediawiki API and added to the page/media response. For reference, here's the API sandbox for the extmetadata for the file page in the mockup.