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Reorganize CI phabricator projects
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I would like to eventually reorganize the various Phabricator projects that concern CI and have a slightly better hierarchy. Currently we have:

I miss subprojects for big projects such as adding Phan to all repositories, migrating to eslint or moving to extension registration. Though they are not necessarily meant to be under the continuous integration, that is de facto fall under more or less the same set of people.

A reason is Continuous-Integration-Infrastructure and Continuous-Integration-Config have way too many task and it is a rather difficult to track them all. I am also hoping that by further splitting them, people would more easily to track progress on all the maintenance work we are doing.

@hashar does not have any good idea as to how to better organize that.

please be bold and edit this task description as may fit

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I guess if one day we got a good idea to reorganize the projects, it will just happen.