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Move Categories from body text into database table
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Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons Categories are currently stored in the body text of a page.
When creating or updating categories each and every time a new version of the body text is currently generated.

This should not be necessary, and basically it messes up the history of page updates.

This makes it complicated for moderators or page reviewers to really concentrate on the content (changes) of a page.

The categories belonging to a page could possibly be better stored in Wikidata?

An advantage and lucky side-effect is that categories could be made multilingual... Wikimedia Commons categories are already known (but not systematically) registered in Wikidata as a value.

I suggest to evaluate the pros/cons/technical and page management impact of this potential change.

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Izno added a subscriber: Izno.

Storing categories differently is a direction Multi-Content-Revisions can go. I think T132072: Integrate page meta-data as a new content model revision slot for consistency and atomicity covers that for categories, though I'm not totally certain I'd put all of the metadata in one slot... Tempted to merge accordingly.