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Better TimedText interface
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Currently using the TimedText web-based application in Commons is really hard to use and requires a lot of trial and error before the final version is OK.

There is no currently no possibililty to interactively update, validate, verify and playback during editing the subtitle texts before saving the results. The whole script needs to be saved before one has the option to play back and verify the results.

Reviewing the pending changes should be possible before saving the TimedText.
No more repeated trial and error cycle which is really time consuming.

  • Do there exist better tools to generate or update TimedText?
  • How to generate the timing for each video frame?

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@Geertivp: Do you plan to work on this? (Maybe even at the Hackathon this weekend?)
If not, please see because it's not clear to me what is requested here - thanks!