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Use singular they in CC0 explanation
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In I9801a71be2, I proposed to change the interface message wm-license-cc-zero-explanation (which is used, for example, on Commons’ {{cc-zero}}) from “The person … has dedicated the work … by waiving all of his or her rights …” to “… all of their rights …”. This is more inclusive (“his or her” does not cover all contributors) and also shorter.

Since the previous text was an exact copy of the English CC0 deed (though our translations into other languages already differ from Creative Commons’ translations – compare our German with theirs), @Multichill thinks such a change should be approved by the legal team. Can somebody from WMF-Legal take a look?

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It's not that I don't want this, but I'm just very reluctant to change legal language carefully crafted by a whole bunch of lawyers (aka Creative Commons). Assuming this is correct, the best solution would be to get it changed upstream (too).

Quite a few people went to the Creative Commons summit this weekend (like @SandraF_WMF ). Did we make any new friends so we can check with them and maybe also get changed?

Well, the deed “is not a legal instrument” and “has no legal value” according to its disclaimer, so I don’t think it’s very risky to change it. Updating the upstream source sounds like a much bigger undertaking to me (though if we can get it to happen, even better!), so I wanted to start smaller, with just our version of the message.

Change 509784 had a related patch set uploaded (by Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE); owner: Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE)):
[mediawiki/extensions/WikimediaMessages@master] Use singular they in CC0 explanation

@Slaporte has signed this off in reply by email

Change 509784 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/WikimediaMessages@master] Use singular they in CC0 explanation

Reedy assigned this task to Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE.
Reedy edited projects, added WikimediaMessages; removed Patch-For-Review.