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Add cities to explore on main page
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I guess it makes most sense to have ~20 most populated Swedish municipalities.

Note that the established practice in Swedish wikimedia is to have separate items for municipality and town, even if they're technically the same, and always use the municipality item for P131. The actual town (like Q25286 for Q59091) is sometimes used for P276.


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@Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE I think this is a full list?

Do you know how to extract Q numbers from this list or would I have to do it manually?

I guess it would look like this on Monumental?


List of municipalities

Ale, Alingsås, Alvesta, Aneby, Arboga, etc

The easiest way is to query Wikidata.

Aw, I thought they'd all have short names (Alvesta instead of Alvesta kommun etc) but a good bunch doesn't :(

It's 290 items so I'm not that eager to dump them all on the main page, honestly.

Perfect, sorry, I thought it wasn't in Wikidata properly.

I agree its not a pretty solution but I don't really know what else to do given that the search doesn't work.

One way to make this more usable would be to split it up into sections e.g

Ale - Alingsås - Alvesta - Aneby - Arboga - Arjeplog - Arvidsjaur - Arvika - Askersund - Avesta - Bengtsfors - Berg - Bjurholm - Bjuv - Boden - Bollebygd - Bollnäs - Borgholm - Borlänge - Borås - Botkyrka - Boxholm - Bromölla - Bräcke - Burlöv - Båstad - Dals-Ed - Danderyd - Degerfors - Dorotea

E - H
Eda - Ekerö - Eksjö - Emmaboda - Enköping - Eskilstuna - Eslöv - Essunga - Fagersta - Falkenberg - Falköping - Falun - Filipstad - Finspång - Flen - Forshaga - Färgelanda - Gagnef - Gislaved - Gnesta - Gnosjö - Gothenburg - Gotland - Grums - Grästorp - Gullspång - Gällivare - Gävle - Götene - Habo - Hagfors - Hallsberg - Hallstahammar - Halmstad - Hammarö - Haninge - Haparanda - Heby - Hedemora - Helsingborg - Herrljunga - Hjo - Hofors - Huddinge - Hudiksvall - Hultsfred - Hylte - Hällefors - Härjedalen - Härnösand - Härryda - Hässleholm - Håbo - Höganäs - Högsby - Hörby - Höör

or is there some other recognised way to categorise them in Sweden e.g North, South, East, West? I feel like we one need to split them into 4 or so groups to make it more manageable

You could group them by län, there are 21 of them. Here I added them to the query.

I guess doing it in an aesthetic way in Monumental would be more complex than just listing all the municipalities. Like some sort of menu where you click on the län and a list of the relevant municipalities rolls out.

Mrjohncummings added a comment.EditedMay 14 2019, 11:50 AM

@Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE I don't know what is realistic in the hours we have left. My suggestion would be to have the full list of municipalities split into län or A-Z on the front page as a first version so we can write the instructions today so we can launch tomorrow and then work out something fancier later on and change the instructions page to match.

What do you think?

@Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE based on the current description of the task, how will people outside the 20 most popular municipalities be able to search?

I think @Yarl will implement whatever is most doable at this point. I agree having all municipalities would be optimal.

It's still possible to search for a municipality (not town, that's how you end up in an item) and get to the correct map.

If we end up having to include all municipalities in the wiki, I made a dump of municipalities with Monumental links.

Cool, now I noticed that list isn't sorted :/

EDIT: Sorted list

Or we can just show the län on the front page? Or have 20 biggest municipalities and then the rest on a sub page

@Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE really nice we have a backup, thanks very much for making the list using Wikidata magic powers

Deployed in v. 19.05.08.