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Federation-related tasks
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  • Local Wikibase properties will need to be created anew. Optimally we would only create dedicated Wikidocumentaries properties, not replicate Wikidata properties. Until federation starts we should not use Wikibase extensively to avoid a lot of restructuring.
  • The federated Wikidata properties will need to tackle units, constraints etc.
  • Make a plan and schedule of how to start developing for federation.
  • Related interfaces in WDX to consume federated data sources.
  • - Modify SPARQL queries and run through WDX endpoint rather than WDQS
  • - Create write routines that can write to the right repository
  • - In-context editing UI elements include title and description, Wikidata statements…
  • The main search will have to federate search results
  • - Wikidata search should support more fuzzy/partial matches. Transform rare characters to common but take advantage of if used as input. Peervesk, säämiskä.
  • - We might also manipulate our calls to the search

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Susannaanas updated the task description. (Show Details)
Ltrlg added a subscriber: Ltrlg.May 15 2019, 1:01 PM

hello, we need a working installation of wikibase (composer, not docker)
with federation capabilities.
Just check here for further information

The "add statement" link/button might be replaced with a dropdown button
from which selecting the remote wikibase instance (including, but not limited
to wikidata) from where *instantly* retrieving/importing items and properties.

Then in the wikibase data model they have to be identified by a specific
and univocal namespace to allow coexistence of items/properties of
various wikibase instances, on the same local installation, without conflict.
(and for possible future export into wikidata itself)

Please note that the feature request is not limited to "Wikidocumentaries",
even if it might apply to it.

I'm part of an IT team and I'm a programmer myself so that I can help
of course.

(Thomas) at Do not mass-add random people to tasks and do not add random off-topic comments to random tasks if you would like to stay active in Wikimedia Phabricator. Create either dedicated tasks and follow , or use the Wikidata contact channels first. Thanks.

Hello @Aklapper,

well, I have created a section on the following page

and I have subscribed the wikidata technical mailing list.
If you have further suggestions let me know since the "contact" section on this page
is quite broad.

Regarding the subscribers I just used the same 'cc' list you used in your
last message.

Hope to get forward with that task anyway since I feel it's a priority

Regarding the subscribers I just used the same 'cc' list you used in your
last message.

I do not know what and where "my last message" is, and I'm afraid that conversations are generally cumbersome when they lack any references and context. :)