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Wikibase tasks
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  • Create a mechanism to reference local articles and their language versions. Perhaps repurpose the mechanism of related Wikipedia articles for local wikibase articles.
  • Create another way to reference other articles in the local Wikibase. They belong to a content category of “Testimonials” ~ user generated content, that can only be edited by the original creator but referenced, quoted and remixed by anyone. Testimonials may also be of other formats, such as video. They would be external linked resources.
  • Create a data structure to store Structured references. Source metadata is stored in Wikidata and references to it are stored in Wikidocumentaries.
  • Create a data structure to store associated image metadata. Must store new structured values and original string values and create an index of source platform-collection-string-QID value combinations. This index could be used to associate entire collections. --> There can be new workflows that can provide information to this or take advantage of this.