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Always add information template and two section headers
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On source file pages information template and section headers (Summary, Licensing) are sometimes missing. This may be because given wiki hasn't set up information template (or it wasn't set up for older uploads) or because upload form initially wasn't configured to add either of these two section headers (or given section was left blank during upload). As standard page layout on Commons includes an information template and two section headers, then it would be nice if FileImporter would automatically add these elements anyway.

Older tools such as CommonsHelper and FTCG also always add these elements. These older tools try auto-fill some information template fields, but it probably isn't straightforward what data should be auto-filled and this would probably involve handling some false positives. So if information template is added from scratch then for the sake of simplicity I suggest adding an empty one. Empty information template fields would also hopefully encourage users to fill in explicit source/author info that is required by Commons licensing policy.

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